Prawns and shrimp

The shrimp fished in the North sea is very popular. Lobster Fish offers the complete range of this favourite delicacy: Jumbo, whole, manually shelled, frozen, etc.
The manually shelled North Sea Deluxe shrimp are a special item in this product range.

Lobster Fish imports prawns and shrimp directly from Bangladesh, India, Madagascar and Vietnam. The available package options are IQF (Individual Quality Frozen), frozen block, real count, frozen count, easy peel or boiled.

The Spanish carabineros shrimp (also known as scarlet shrimp) are an exclusive product range item.

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Our specials

  • Scampi Black tiger
  • Scampi Fresh water
  • Gamba Black tiger
  • Nobashi shrimp
  • Krustanord shrimp
  • Carabineros
  • Breaded scampis (twister, panko, tempura...)
  • Grey shrimp hand peeled
  • North sea deluxe grey shrimp
  • Frozen grey shrimp and waste

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