Large oyster bar

Appropriate for 150 to 300 oysters, which can be selected from our product range.
Lobster Fish can supply algae, ice, pepper, lemon and oyster knives.

Dimensions W x H x D : 105cm x 100cm x 110cm (160cm when open)

  • Staff: Professional shuckers available upon request.
  • Transport: The bars can be picked up if so preferred. The oyster bar is placed on a wheeled trolley. Lobster Fish can also take care of the transport if so preferred.
  • Number: 1 large oyster bar is available.
  • It is made of polystyrene and can be hired all year round.

Oyster bar options

Mobile oyster devil Appropriate for 50 oysters Oyster carrier Appropriate for 25-50 oysters Oyster shell Appropriate for 25-50 oysters Modern oyster bars Appropriate for 25-50 oysters Medium-sized oyster bar Appropriate for 100-150 oysters Extra large oyster bar Appropriate for 300-500 oysters Oyster shell deco Appropriate for 25-100 oysters Oyster bar rustic Appropriate for 100-300 oysters Lobster Citroën Appropriate for 300-500 oysters