Modern oyster bars

This modern bar including lighting is an eye catcher at every party.
Appropriate for 25 to 50 oysters, which can be selected from our product range.
Lobster Fish can supply algae, ice, pepper, lemon and oyster knives.

Dimensions W x H x D : 115cm x 50cm x 150cm

  • Staff: Professional shuckers available upon request.
  • Transport: The bars can be picked up if so preferred. Lobster Fish can also take care of the transport if so preferred.
  • Number: 1 modern oyster bar is available.
  • It is made of polypropylene and can be hired all year round.

Oyster bar options

Mobile oyster devil Appropriate for 50 oysters Oyster carrier Appropriate for 25-50 oysters Oyster shell Appropriate for 25-50 oysters Medium-sized oyster bar Appropriate for 100-150 oysters Large oyster bar Appropriate for 150-300 oysters Extra large oyster bar Appropriate for 300-500 oysters Oyster shell deco Appropriate for 25-100 oysters Oyster bar rustic Appropriate for 100-300 oysters Lobster Citroën Appropriate for 300-500 oysters