What is more welcoming than fresh oysters? Fruits De Mer Events are bespoke oyster bars for any party or event.

You can choose from our wide selection of oysters including varieties from Zeeland (the Netherlands), Ireland and France. The bars are stocked with all the required items including pepper mills and lemons.
You can relax and enjoy the party.
The bars can be delivered to the location of your event or, if you prefer, you can pick them up.

We can shuck your oysters. All you need to do is pick them up and serve them on the day of your party.

Oyster bars

Mobile oyster devil Appropriate for 50 oysters Oyster carrier Appropriate for 25-50 oysters Oyster shell Appropriate for 25-50 oysters Modern oyster bars Appropriate for 25-50 oysters Medium-sized oyster bar Appropriate for 100-150 oysters Large oyster bar Appropriate for 150-300 oysters Extra large oyster bar Appropriate for 300-500 oysters Oyster shell deco Appropriate for 25-100 oysters Oyster bar rustic Appropriate for 100-300 oysters Lobster Citroën Appropriate for 300-500 oysters
1957 Lobster Citroën

Our authentic 1957 Citroën transporter not only brings a hint of nostalgia to your doorstep, but also a team of professional shuckers who ensure your guests with the best oysters from our wide selection.